Spiral Dynamics Integral: Some Basic Principles

The word Spiral Dynamics has become quite a household name nowadays, when it comes to dealing with developmental issues. Everybody who has dealt with processes and projects concerning, for example, communication, collaboration, values, motives, leadership, cultural and/or organizational change has probably heard of it at a given time.

Many agencies, trainers, coaches and consultants now offer interventions and models based on Spiral Dynamics. You can literally find Spiral Dynamics in many different ways, shapes and forms. We believe that this is a valuable development: the more people use and understand SDi the better. However, at SDiNL we are the guardians of the original body of work from Prof. Clare W Graves and Dr. Don Beck. Therefore, we highly value the application of SDi with as much integrity as possible. This is why below we have listed several SDi basic principles that we believe to be essential when using and implementing SDi.

Please find the SDi basic principles by clicking on the titles and links below: