Characteristic Beige Value System

On this page, you will, step by step, find the most important characteristics of the Beige value system. Please click on a subject to navigate to the text. The image on the right-hand side of this page is an example of an organization form, which is typical for Beige.

What is the essence of the Beige Value System?

Core values:
Automatic, basic, instinctive.
Survival “ I survive”
The world is natural and instinctive.
Life Theme
Satisfy physiological needs and sexual drive
Life Philosophy
To be able to survive in the natural environment

What is the origin of the Beige value system?

150,000 years ago (homo sapiens)
Geographical location:
Iraq, Eastern-African savanna (homo sapiens)
Homo habilis (2 million years ago)

What did humans develop when the Beige value system was first activated?

The motor system, the first tendencies to anticipate.

What are the characteristics of the historical development of the Beige value system

Energy Sources:
Muscle power, meat and food in general
Diaspora of the human race to all continents
A state of despair due to (natural) disasters and diseases
Cultural theme:
Art Forms:
Earth ware and utensils made of stone and from bones (scrapers, knives)
The use of fire and building temporary shelters

What are displays of Beige as the dominant value system in our society?

Community forms
Solitary existence or organized in herd-like bands
In the Netherlands:
The homeless, drugs and alcohol addicts, the mentally handicapped, bedridden patients and the terminally ill.

What are the general characteristics of the Beige value system?

  • Strong reflexes and highly developed physical senses
  • Driven by biological, physiological and instinctual needs
  • Instinctual and motor skills.

How do you recognize the presence of Beige?

Beige is recognized by the need and the necessity that it cannot survive independently.
There is a need to be cared for. Disaster, pathology or other reasons make self-care difficult and offering external help is needed to survive.

How do you recognize the absence of Beige?

The most basic forms of survival are non-existent and the primary necessities of life are satisfied.

How to deal with the Beige value system?

People who are centered in Beige have difficulties to survive on their own and need care and support. To create healthy Beige, basic safety conditions need to be in place to help people survive. For example in the case of terminal illness, taking care of terminal care.

What are positive stimuli for Beige?

The basic necessities of life such as food, drink, rest, shelter, etc.

What are negative stimuli for Beige?

Everything that further undermines the basic necessities of life.

Essentially, Beige is not right or wrong. Beige exists. And we distinguish healthy and unhealthy manifestations of Beige

What are healthy manifestations of Beige?

To be able to survive independently and take care of yourself.

What are unhealthy manifestations of Beige?

To not be able to survive independently and to take care of yourself in a healthy way. For example, people with eat and sleeping disorders, the homeless, drug addicts, the terminal ill, etc.

What prejudices may other value systems have about Beige?

All value systems may experience Beige as dependent, inadvisable and needy, but also as a form of unreasonableness in its drive for survival.

What are typical Beige leadership characteristics?

In principle, in Beige there are no typical leadership characteristics as this is still in the unconscious mind and, and if conscious, it is only directed towards the self.

What are appropriate interventions when dealing with individuals or groups in Beige?

In Beige, teamwork doesn’t exist. It’s every man for himself. When there is some type of teamwork in place to survive, the fundamentals of a Purple Value System are already emerging.
Gaining trust
Gaining trust with Beige is by literally administering the “food” that is needed.
Show that you are the sole caretaker of the person.

Please view these videos, which, according to us, contain typical Beige elements.
Beige is in essence a pre-verbal value system. Therefore, there are no proverbial sayings that can be linked to this value system

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