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Mission SDiNL

SDiNL’s mission is to inspire and support people, organizations and society in the practical application of SDi, in service of integral societal development.


SDiNL aims to support the manifestation of healthy expressions and integration of all the value systems in people, organizations and society. Healthy expressions are defined as:

  • SONY DSCall value systems manifest and express themselves naturally; value systems are actively present and not competing or opposing other value systems.
  • all value systems manifest and express themselves in a constructive and life-affirming way; value systems are not destructive or against people or matters.   

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SDiNL encourages people, organizations and society to:

  • transcend their own perspectives and belief systems and adopt a worldview that is free from value judgments;
  • fulfill their highest potential in life and work;
  • create vitalizing, aligned and resilient life conditions and work environments in which each and everyone’s potential can flourish and blossom.

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SDiNL safeguards the quality and the legacy of the original SDi work of Prof. Clare W. Graves, Dr. Don Beck & Christopher Cowan. In their daily work, the professionals committed to SDiNL have been working extensively with SDi for a long period of time. They regard their experiences with SDi as very valuable and wish to share their knowledge and expertise with you and the world.

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