Characteristics Turquoise Value System

On this page, you will, step by step, find the most important characteristics of the Turquoise value system. Please click on a subject to navigate to the text. The image on the right-hand side of this page is an example of an organization form that is typical for Turquoise.

What is the essence of the Turquoise value system?

Core Values:
Global View, renewal
Holistic: “We are”.
World View:
The world is a grid of mutually interdependent units, which together form a holistic organism.
Life motto:
“I manifest myself for the benefit of existential reality.”
Life Theme:
A dynamic balance between being and becoming: life is good as it is and at the same time, everything must, of course, change completely.
Life Philosophy:
Energetic connections are necessary to experience and embody wholeness and unity.
Spiritual intelligence, energetic fields, presence and “resting in being”.

What is the origin of the Turquoise value system?

30 years ago
Geographical Location:
Western World
System thinkers and holists, such as David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, Ken Wilber, James Lovelock and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
In reaction to:
From the more individualistic focused Yellow world, people come to understand that the individual alone cannot solve complex global issues and that a coordinated collective action is needed. Moreover, there is a growing awareness that the character and nature of global issues and its solutions lay beyond the world and the way of thinking as we now know it. People will search for ways to reorder the seemingly chaos of life by using their experiences. They will trust on their natural wisdom and they will be servants to reality to make the appropriate impact. There will be an integration of cognitive, emotional, instinctive and energetic level.

What do humans develop when the Turquoise Value System is activated?

Spiritual intelligence, energetic fields, presence, “resting in being” and living from a universal awareness and existence.

What are the characteristics of the historical development of Turquoise?

Energy Sources:
Energetic fields, cosmic energy and the akashic field.
World economy balanced with all the elements of life, the earth and the universe.
Holistic spirituality, which searches for a connection between life on earth, esotericism of existing religions and universal consciousness.
Cultural Theme:
Collective individualism, cosmic spirituality and earthly changes.
Art Forms:
Energetically charged art forms.
Those who can naturally lead people in this moment and in this condition. All dimensions of life and those of the universe are synnergetically tuned into one another.
Working with fields of energy.
Synergy on a global level.

What are manifestations of Turquoise as the dominant value system in our society?

Community Forms:
Projects that integrate the economical, sustainable, human, spiritual and planetary dimensions of living, dwelling and working with the realities which are not immediately visible.

What are the general characteristics of the Turquoise value system?

  • Synergy between all forms and forces of life
  • Surrender, acceptance and natural joy
  • Integrates instincts, intuition and cognition
  • Makes energetic connections
  • Contemplative, a clear consciousness and inner peace
  • A holistic and collective consciousness
  • Cosmic spirituality and transpersonal
  • Global perspectives are more important than local, small and specialist groups; to be a holistic whole is as important as being a part of something
  • Integration of all there is, with everything that was and everything that will be. A vision is translated into an integral approach of life and an accompanying practice

How do you recognize the presence of Turquoise?

You can recognize Turquoise by an integrative approach and perception of body, mind and soul. Turquoise takes into account the energetic and the invisible dimensions of life in our daily live and work. Turquoise is cosmos-driven and views us as a small part of a bigger web and the mystery of life. It always serves the whole and/or the cosmos and can easily translate this to life on earth in the here-and-now.

How do you recognize the absence of Turquoise?

Life on earth, the world and the cosmos are not seen as a whole. There’s a fragmented approach to things. The energetic dimension of life is not taken seriously.

How to deal with the Turquoise value system?

For Turquoise, complete integration is the norm, in the broadest sense of the word.
All facets and aspects of life must be rated at its true value and must be included. Turquoise lives and works beyond the ego and aims to realize a dynamic balance between people, animals, nature, the earth and the universe.

What are positive stimuli for Turquoise?

Creating more space and openness to work with a unity consciousness, other worlds and energetic dimensions. To have the discipline and endure slowing down to anticipate this.

What are negative stimuli for the Turquoise Value System?

Creating an atmosphere of separateness. See the world purely from the individual or human perspective. Leaving aside the energetic dimensions of life.

Essentially, Turquoise is not good or bad. Turquoise exists. And we distinguish healthy and unhealthy manifestations of Turquoise.

What are healthy manifestations of Turquoise?

To see the world and the cosmos as an integral whole. To explore, feel and pragmatically work together to solve the large complex problems to serve humanity and the earth.

What are unhealthy manifestations of Turquoise?

Stay in a spiritual and/or cosmic consciousness too long without taking earthly action.

Which prejudices may other value systems have about Turquoise?

  • Purple may experience Turquoise as out of this world and not in touch with everyday reality.
  • Red has difficulties to really see Turquoise for what it is. According to Red, Turquoise is unworldly and doesn’t take a stand. This is why Red finds it difficult to respect this value system.
  • Blue may experience Turquoise as swimming with the tide and without structure and finds it difficult that Turquoise is continuously adapting to the ever-changing life conditions.
  • Orange may experience Turquoise as woolly, daydreaming and Utopian.
  • Green may experience Turquoise as putting things into perspective too much, as impersonal and very broadly orientated. This is why Turquoise is, in a way, too elusive for Green.
  • Yellow may experience Turquoise as too calm, too acceptant and therefore lacking action.

What are typical Turquoise leadership characteristics?

  • To be able to translate complexity from a universal coherence into simple pragmatic elements on an individual, group, nation and global level.
  • To be able to tune into energetic, cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of life and work.
  • To have the ability to have the other see and experience his or her unique place in the bigger whole.
  • Be compassionate and, at the same time, transect clearly what needs to be done.

What are appropriate interventions when dealing with individuals or groups in Turquoise?

The power of teamwork between people in Turquoise is the ability to capture truth, knowledge and learning’s of all involved into a collective and to transform this into the wisdom of the system. Moreover, Turquoise can easily work together with all dimensions of reality.
Gaining trust
Energetically, tune into the other and the universe. Talk from your energetic center and include all realities into the contact.
Be completely open and listen and feel with your whole system of senses and observations. Employ the principle “ face everything and avoid nothing”. Value what is and be merciless compassionate about what can be.

Please watch these videos that, according to us, contain typical Turquoise elements.

When you find it difficult to relate positively to the Turquoise value system, please read the proverbial phrases below to experience the general accepted wisdom of Turquoise.

  • Everything is good as it is, and tomorrow everything needs to change
  • To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower
  • Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour

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