Characteristics Orange Value System

On this page, you will, step by step, find the most important characteristics of the Orange value system. Please click on a subject to navigate to the text. The image on the right-hand side of this page is an example of an organization form, which is typical for Orange.

What is the essence of the Orange value system?

Core Values:
Autonomy, materialistic, result-driven
Success “I improve myself.”
World View:
The (makeable) world is full of chances and opportunities and the world can be fully understood by using rational thinking.
Life Motto:
“I manifest myself through artful calculation.”
Life Theme:
Accumulate material abundance, individual freedom, and grab opportunities.
Life Philosophy:
I am responsible for my own wealth, and that is why I develop my skills. I think, therefore I exist.

What is the origin of the Orange Value system?

2500 years ago
Geographical location:
Thales, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Ptolemy
In reaction to:
In the stable and save Blue world, there’s now room for the individual to expand and develop his or her talents. The lack of freedom in the Blue value system causes bitterness at an individual level, which awakens the need for self-determination. The individual wants to feel free to determine his or hers own life, form his or hers own opinion, and to search for his or hers own truth. The individual shakes of the wait-and-see attitude of Blue and has the drive (and is confident about his or hers own mental capacities) to now reap the fruits of material abundance life is offering. Success in Blue has increased abundance and the start of urbanization. The importance of trade, competition and money as a means of exchange is increasing. Life conditions are more and more experienced in terms of chances and opportunities. Earthly life and a worldly way of thinking becomes more valuable than religious spheres, and cognition, ratio and scientific thinking are emerging as the most dominant paradigms. Joy of living, and celebrating your successes are increasingly more important than living for the afterlife.

What did humans develop when the Orange value system was first activated?

Logical thinking, critical observation and analytical thinking, explore and develop individual talents.

What are the characteristics of the historical development of Orange?

Energy sources:
Steam energy, fossil energy sources, electricity and nuclear energy.
Renaissance, Golden Age, Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, post-war reconstruction after World War II and the global development in ICT.
Exploitive capitalism, destruction of the environment, materialism and cold professionalism and rationalism.
Industrial production based on mass consumption.
Humanism, belief in one’s own capabilities, liberalism, individualism and secularism.
Cultural Theme:
A true-to-nature reflection of reality.
Art Forms:
Renaissance, realism, impressionism.
Presidents, premiers, CEOs, entrepreneurs and commissioners.
Polyphonic, accounting, printing, perspective, microscope, cartography, business shares, steam engines, motorized vehicles, information and communication technology, and many more.
Science, technology, democracy, human rights, free trade, knowledge and service-based economy, trias politica, emancipation, industry, mass production, etc.

What are manifestations of Orange as the dominant value system in our society?

Community Forms:
Social classes of capitalists and laborers, companies.
The free Western World (amongst others the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc.).
In the Netherlands:
Liberals, humanists, yuppies and independent thinkers.

What are the general characteristics of the Orange value system?

  • Rational, materialistic, competitive, striving for excellence, elitist, image-sensitive, success and result-orientated and pragmatic
  • Ambitious and striving for money, status and recognition
  • Result-driven, in search of progress
  • Focused planning and strategy to become better
  • Materialistic focus on competition and needs to win
  • When you want to do it, you can do it
  • Versatile, entrepreneurial, and will take up challenges
  • Flexible and serious
  • Focused on results, growth, and efficiency
  • Play the ‘game”; from rags to riches
  • Image-focused: “You never get a second change for a first impression.”
  • Want to do “fun” things with “fun” people

How do you recognize the presence of Orange?

Orange is recognized by the drive for personal results, success and status. Orange is very explorative and can pragmatically switch in different situations. For Orange, there are many ways, which lead to Rome; there’s never just one solution and if you can’t go the way you should, then you should go any way you can. Orange wants to play the game and wants to do fun things with fun people. Orange is positive, enjoys live and the achieved results.

How do you recognize the absence of Orange?

More of the same, no focus on results and not a lot of drive to change and to develop new ways. Lack of strategy, vision, entrepreneurship and striving for equality. . It takes a lot of time to make decisions and when they are made these will be based on certainties. There’s not a lot of fun to be had and energy is low and heavy.

How to deal with the Orange value system?

Orange wants to have the freedom to achieve the (self) determined goals, so give Orange free way to develop his or hers own way to achieve the agreed results. Play the game together with Orange, and keep activities fun and interesting. Be quick, action-driven and assertive. Talk about successes and other facts & figures. When there’s a conflict, continuously relate to them and their solution in the perspective of the agreed goal.

What are positive stimuli for Orange?

Set challenges and results. Focus on what needs to be achieved. Stimulate people and have a flexible mindset about new possibilities. Ensure a working environment that is competitive, colorful, versatile and fun with a lot of space and freedom for the individual.

What are negative stimuli for Orange?

More of the same and reminiscence about the past too long. Not having a strategy or a vision. Show weaknesses in (managing of) the process. Talking too long without getting to the point or not getting to the point at all. Making yourself small, not showing yourself, and refrain from rising above average status. Not having discussions about results.

Essentially, Orange is not good or bad. Orange exists. And we distinguish healthy and unhealthy manifestations of Orange.

What are healthy manifestations of Orange?

Result-driven, explorative, be able to think strategically, switch pragmatically to solve problems, entrepreneurial.

What are unhealthy manifestations of Orange?

Calculating, opportunistic, exploitation of the living environment, manipulative and abusing nature and environment, not taking one’s responsibility, too functional, too busy and loosing sight of the human aspect.

What prejudices may other value systems have about Orange?

  • Purple may experience Orange as arrogant and to focused on his or hers own success. Purple thinks that Orange has too little attention for the group and the past.
  • Red may experience Orange as smooth, wishy-washy and too easy to adjust to the circumstances in order to get what they want. Orange will not openly communicate what it wants and plays a political game instead of taking a stand. Red experiences this as unclear, unreliable and disrespectful.
  • Blue may experience Orange as jumping to conclusions too fast. Blue thinks that Orange is bending the rules too fast only to be right, making Orange seem unfair. For Orange the end justifies the means, which does not makes Orange very persistent and also shows Orange’s loose morals.
  • Green may experience Orange as fake and egocentric. Green thinks that Orange makes excuses too easily and is quick to ignore personal and (inter) human issues. Orange is too result-driven and has too little attention for the process (“How shall we do this together?”).
  • Yellow may experience Orange as opportunistic and individualistic. Yellow thinks that Orange misses the essence (“What is this really about?”) and cannot link all the parts to a holistic whole and view the actualities in a larger integral context.

What are typical Orange leadership characteristics?

  • Manages result-orientated, keeps goals clear and is good at strategic maneuvering.
  • Drives to show entrepreneurship and to be successful.
  • Take up challenges, recognizes and uses chances.
  • Has a good antennae for trends and developments.
  • Is flexible to adjust to reality.
  • Searches for possibilities to be successful.
  • Infectious zest and presents oneself in a well-groomed and professional manner.
  • Stimulates individual initiatives, challenges people to explore their possibilities further and values and rewards success.
  • Capable to present yourself, the department or organization in a concrete way and with flair.

What are appropriate interventions when dealing with individuals or groups in Orange?

To work together calls for a common goal. Write down targets and challenges, define a spot on the horizon, and ask everyone how he or she will contribute to it. Give everyone the possibility to determine for him or herself how to achieve the agreed result. Reward both team cooperation and individual accomplishments.
Gaining trust
Acknowledge individual accomplishments and status. Celebrate successes. Stimulate creativity and reward innovations.
Confront in a focused way, based on the agreed targets. Be stimulating and challenging. Ensure improvement plans (How can you achieve even more?). Give tips and be clear, concrete and to the point. Make a clear distinction between business and the individual when providing feedback.

Please watch these videos that, according to us, contain typical Orange elements.

When you find it difficult to relate positively to the Orange value system, please read the proverbial phrases below to experience the general accepted wisdom of Orange.

  • When you want to do it, you can do it
  • The sky is the limit
  • I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it
  • If you do what you did, you get what you got
  • For every disadvantage, there is an advantage
  • Learning while doing
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life
  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
  • Necessity is the mother of invention
  • There is more than one way to skin a cat
  • To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.
  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • Throw a sprat to catch a herring
  • We can kill two birds with one stone

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