Integral Vision – The Complete Map Unfolded

SDi thinking and perspectives are based on an integral and inclusive view of reality.In this context, integral means the following:

  • Everything and everyone in included and nothing and nobody is excluded when we analyze and diagnose an individual, a team, an organization and a society.
  • We consider both the inside and the outside world. Without our inside world (our emotions, values and culture) only a distorted outside world (behavior and physical manifestation) can exist. Our inside world shapes our outside world and what happens in our outside world influences our inside world.

Moreover, SDi is based on an evolutionary view of reality. This includes:

    • Everything and everyone has a natural tendency to develop and to unfold in an increasing degree of complexity and compassion. Humanity has done this during the last thousands of years, nature has done this during the last millions of years, and this is what we do as individuals during our lives.
    • Life is dynamic and in a continuous flux of change. Although we may strive for stability and control, we are continuously swinging from a state of chaos into a state of order and back again. This is a given. This is a fact. We only need to dynamically and consciously steer along with how life presents itself. Our life conditions are leading as they determine which values, motives and behavior are the most appropriate in a given context.
    • Change is inherent, inevitable and natural, but will not always be automatic. This is best recognizable in people. We cannot change people. However, we can offer a beckoning perspective and create certain conditions to inspire people to make the next step in their development. From their own inner drive, sometimes out of necessity, and sometimes out of freedom from choice driven by their own desires.

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