Some Comments on 2nd Tier

Although the essence of 2nd Tier sounds beautiful and inspiring, we would like to mention some comments about it. In a makeable society, a higher Tier may be seen as better. If, for example, Yellow (or 2nd Tier) is considered as a wishful attempt or the absolute truth, it may turn, as is the case for all other value systems, into a dogma. When we think of Yellow as the “Supreme Value System” is implies that all other value systems are not good enough or even inferior. Such ideas have already caused enough misery in the history of mankind. As we said before, all value systems are important and have their own value. This is because the context determines which value system is the most applicable. Absolute Yellow will not add any value in rural Africa. Healthy Beige, Purple, Red and Blue will. However, when Yellow has been completely and healthy integrated is will have value, as healthy Yellow can see beyond its own ego and can shift between the underlying 1st Tier value systems to really give the people what they need in that moment.

Yellow Mis-use

Another comment we would like to address is that value systems may mis-use 2nd Tier. All value systems are aware of each other and have the tendency to use each other for their own advantage. For example, Blue can pick up Yellow and manifest itself as Holy Knight. Orange can view 2nd Tier as the highest achievable and wants to reach this level no matter what. Green can idolize 2nd Tier and may see it as its highest purpose pretending to others to be enlightened. As all value systems are equally important, this is not an issue. However, this will become an issue because the underlying value system is defining. When this underlying value system acts from deficiency and ego, Yellow and Turquoise are often used to feed this deficiency and ego. In this case, Blue will declare Yellow to be the absolute truth (thus excluding all other value systems), Orange will only use parts of Yellow which suits its goal and Green will secretly reject everybody who hasn’t yet reached the Yellow (or Turquoise) value system.

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