About SDiNL

Spiral Dynamics Integral The Netherlands (SDiNL) is the leading Dutch platform for the most up-to-date knowledge and background information about the theory and applications of Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi). SDiNL’s mission is to inspire and support people, organizations and society in the practical application of SDi. SDiNL’s aim is help grow people’s ability to transform and develop their well being in relationship with the world.

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SDiNL, Center for Human Emergence & Synnervate

SDiNL is an initiative of Synnervate, the officially acknowledged Dutch SDi institute by Dr. Don Beck, together with the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands, and safeguards the quality of the original SDi body of work of Prof. Clare W Graves, Dr. Don E. Beck & Christopher Cowan.

Synnervate organizes courses and trainings for applying SDi. Please click here for more information. Do you want to know what SDi can mean for yourself and how you can apply it in your organization? Please go to the page “Applications” or visit the Synnervate site for more information

The Center for Human Emergence (CHE) aims to make its contribution as a Foundation to a society in change from an Integral perspective. She does this through organizing Salons, Constellations, Online Cafés and projects.

Team SDiNL
SDiNL is developed and managed by Edwin Holwerda, Allard de Ranitz and Jasper Rienstra. More information about the SDiNL team can be found on the Synnervate website.

English Language Credentials
The English translation of this website was supported by Sandra van Beek, Peter Merry and Edwin Holwerda.